Architectural Changes
All Estanaula Trails homeowners must apply for Architectural Approval prior to beginning the following projects/changes/modifications:
     Exterior house painting - Brick, stone, siding, gutters, trim
     Change of exterior materials
     Installation or major repair of fences
     New roof shingles
     Installation of monuments
     Installation of flagpoles
     Construction of accessory buildings and other structures

This is a partial list that falls under Architectural Approval Covenants.  Homeowners are encouraged to carefully read the Estanaula Trails Covenants related to Architectural Changes.

Open Neighborhood Architectural Change Covenants


The Estanaula Trails Architectural Approval process is managed using the Keith Collins Frontstep Portal website.
1. Click on
2. Click on “Login Portal”.
3. Click on the “Quick Actions” located at the top left corner.
4. Click on "My Architectural Requests”.
5. Select the green “+New Architectural Request” button located at the top right corner. 
6. Follow the four steps of the request process.
The Estanaula Trails HOA is committed to timely responses to Architectural Change Requests.  The goal is to respond within 4 to 5 working days.