Our neighborhood committees are a way to be involved in Estanaula Trails.  Three committees have been organized to provide assistance to the Board of Directors in the governance and operation of the community. The HOA committees offer homeowners the opportunity to actively participate in the life of Estanaula Trails and are vital to the wellbeing of our community. Please consider joining the committee that most interests you by completing the Committee Member Registration Form (Download Here) and submitting it to the HOA board by faxing it to (901) 414-0980 or via email at  Please consider joining one of the following committees:
Architectural Committee
Goals:  The Architectural Committee is comprised of Homeowner volunteers. They are responsible for reviewing applications for alterations to the exterior of a home, such as paint, flower beds, windows, and doors, sheds, and other exterior modifications as spelled out in the covenants so as to keep the architectural appearance of Estanaula Trails as pristine as possible. The committee welcomes new members as openings become available.

Block Captains/Neighborhood Watch Committee
Goals:  Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective ways to prevent crime and help revitalize our community. It is a crime prevention program which enlists the active participation of residents here at Estanaula Trails in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime.  The program involves block captains helping neighbors to get to know each other, learning how to work together, and residents recognizing and reporting suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. This committee also is responsible for welcoming neighbors on their blocks and providing them with neighborhood welcome packages.
Activities/Social Committee
Goals:  The goal of the Activities/Social Committee is to create and organize fun and interesting events for the enjoyment of all Estanaula Trails HOA members.  This committee provides opportunities for residents to meet and socialize with each other.
If you have a committee idea, please let us know.  We need the involvement of all of our neighbors.  Please consider joining one of the committees!