Landscaping 101

How would you like to have the greenest lawns and pretties shrubs and flowers in Estanaula Trails?

Ever wonder why your neighbor's grass is the first to turn golf turf green in the spring and the last to brown out in the fall?  Below are some lawncare tips.  The documents below will guide you to creating a maintenance plan for your landscaping projects by the season.  If you follow the maintenance schedule, you will definitely have a green lawn and beautiful shrubs and flowers.

Choose your lawn care company carefully.  This may be one, two, or three companies.  You may have a company that treats your grass, a company that manages and treats your shrubs, and another company that provides lawn mowing services.  Some companies do it all.  Question your current or potential lawn care company.  By learning what they should be doing, you can determine if they are the best fit company for your lawn care needs.  If you are interviewing companies, read the above articles first.  Then put them to the test to determine if they are capable of providing the best lawn care for your beautiful yard.  If not, move to the next interview.  It is important that you maintain and treat your grass, shrubs, and flowers year-round.  Beautiful lawns helps in keeping higher property values.

Please be sure that all homesites follow Collierville's governed ordinances.  Our association ordinances may go over and above those of the City of Collierville.  Collierville Weeds Ordinance